Smart Home

The ability to control various items around your house with the push of a button or through voice commands – this is what is available to consumers through connected consumer IoT “Smart Home” products.

A variety of products already exist: Smart Wireless Speakers, Thermostats, Video Doorbells, Smart Locks, Security Cameras, Smart Appliances, Water Flow Detectors, Window Shades, Pet Feeders, Lights, Clocks. The list goes on and on, plus a whole new set of devices are quickly being developed to fill the ever increasing demand for more home automation and control.

As these new smart home applications are being developed, many require devices being stashed in remote locations and forced to run off of batteries because they are without access to power outlets. Or, more likely, consumers demand mobility for their products and will not accept being tethered by a power cord.

These applications will benefit tremendously from the InnoPhase products and technology since their battery lifetime will be increased 50%+ in typical applications. Consumers will rave about how infrequently they recharge their devices or replace the batteries.


Remote Sensing

The Industrial Internet of Things, or IIoT, is the collection of data from remote sensor nodes, consolidating it through connectivity, then turning insight into actions from the data analysis to make more efficient factories, buildings, farms and cities.

Some of the various applications include:

  1. Smart metering
  2. Smart city
  3. Smart farming and livestock monitoring
  4. Industrial security systems
  5. Energy consumption optimization
  6. Industrial heating, ventilation and air conditioning
  7. Manufacturing equipment monitoring
  8. Predictive and remote maintenance
  9. Ozone, gas and temperature monitoring in industrial environments
  10. Safety and health monitoring of workers


Smart Buildings

Efficient workspaces, venues and warehouses are a critical foundation for a successful and profitable commercial business. This push for efficiency is driving the need to run edge computing applications for data gathering, processing and transmittal to cloud-based services for analysis, command and control. The variety of new applications is growing rapidly as technology enables new ways to capture and process data.

Some example applications:

1. Smart Factory and Warehousing
2. Freight, Goods and Transportation Monitoring
3. Connected Logistics
4. Asset Tracking
5. Visitor Data
6. Location Services


Smart Health

There numerous opportunities to utilize connected devices to improve the gathering of health related data to provide insight and analysis for patients. Furthermore, Smart Health is improving the way in which physicians communicate with patients and deliver care.

1. Patient Health Monitoring
2. Patient Tracking
3. Equipment Tracking
4. Remove Device Configuration
5. Hospital Efficiency Optimization

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