Talaria TWO Wireless Platform

The Talaria TWO platform is a complete wireless solution integrated on a single chip. It contains a full functionality transceiver, MAC/PHY, ARM processor, and power amplifier. The Talaria TWO chip is designed for battery-based IoT applications and is optimized for to be the lowest power Wi-Fi solution available today. Additionally, it provides maximum flexibility by supporting Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 5.0 with the ability to switch between Wi-Fi and BLE in microseconds.

InnoPhase SDK

The InnoPhase SDK provides all of the necessary software to directly interface with our Wi-Fi Products and develop your embedded applications. Included is a rich set of programming APIs and interfacing tools to enable application developments, testing and debug.

Support for Linux and Windows environments is included. Support is planned for a variety of Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) – please contact InnoPhase for the latest support details for your product of interest.

Talaria ONE

The World’s Lowest Power 802.11b Solution

InnoPhase’s preliminary product, Talaria ONE, was an early product design created to prove the underlying PolaRFusion functionality. It successfully validated that the PolaRFusion architecture was capable of extreme reliability and complete interoperability, even in the toughest applications. Additionally, Talaria ONE delivered the world’s lowest power 802.11b radio (25mA Rx, 25mA Tx @ 0dBm) and paved the way for a complete, end-to-end PolaRFusion design.

Although no longer available for new designs, the knowledge gained from Talaria ONE is being applied to the forthcoming InnoPhase wireless products. In the very near future, Talaria ONE will soon be superseded by new, exciting products that will set new records for low power wireless operation.