Talaria TWOTM System on Chip

Multi-Protocol Wireless Platform

Integrated Communications & Control for Ultra-Energy Efficient IoT Nodes

The InnoPhase Talaria TWOTM Multi-Protocol Platform is a highly integrated, single-chip wireless solution offering the ultimate size, power and cost advantages for a wide range of low-power IoT designs. The Talaria TWO System on a Chip (SoC) includes InnoPhase’s proprietary PolaRFusionTM radio – a complete 2.4 GHz radio built using an innovative polar architecture that enables programmable wireless protocol functionality. The result is an industry-leading low-power solution including RF, baseband, PHY and MAC functionality to support IEEE 802.11 b/g/n and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE 5.0) standards.

Key Product Features

The Talaria TWO Wireless Platform is a complete solution that meets the demanding low power requirements of IoT systems. It integrates the key components needed for an IoT node, including:

  • The industry’s lowest Power Save (DTIM) current consumption, delivering extended battery life of 50%+ in certain applications
  • Multiple wireless protocols for local area device communication and cloud connectivity
  • Embedded 80MHz Cortex-M3 microcontroller for platform control and optional application processing
  • Embedded RAM and Flash
  • Extensive set of peripheral interfaces
  • InnoPhase’s patented high-efficiency Digital Power Amplifier (DPA)
  • Unique high performance, flexible Low-Noise Amplifier (flexLNA) for excellent sensitivity over a wide range of frequencies and bandwidths
  • Integrated baluns, matching networks and switches
  • Reference and real-time oscillators

Evaluation Kit (EVK)

The Talaria TWO platform EVK hardware includes everything needed for evaluating the product’s performance plus preliminary product integration and development.

Features of the EVK hardware include:

  • Interface board plus mounted EVK reference board for easy evaluation
  • USB connectivity for power, loading programs into RAM, storing programs in embedded Flash memory, and terminal message printout
  • Connection to available GPIO through header pins
  • On-board chip antenna or optional external antenna through antenna connector
  • Header pins for an optional direct battery connection
  • Available port for measuring current consumption

Reference Design

InnoPhase has incorporated the Talaria TWO device into a solder-down module form-factor to help customers accelerate their time to market. The module will be the vehicle used by InnoPhase for industry certifications and agency approval and the design information can be shared with interested customers.

More Information

Contact InnoPhase for more details regarding the Talaria TWO Multi-Protocol Wireless Platform or associated information.

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