Redefining Wireless Technology

InnoPhase is a fabless semiconductor company specializing in innovative wireless solutions.
We pioneered the industry’s lowest power Wi-Fi radio architecture for IoT applications and a revolutionary 5G platform that will transform cellular network deployments.
And we are just getting started!


NOW create radically new Wi-Fi products from home automation to critical healthcare or any other energy-sensitive, cloud-connected wireless IoT applications. Our comprehensive tool kit and support gives designers everything they need to invent previously unimaginable IoT Wi-Fi + BLE5LR products.


Developing a more flexible and scalable solution for 5G Infrastructure
Establishing the ground work for 6G implementations

Be part of the revolution - we are aggressively hiring for our 5G development.

In a challenging year we really shined!

2020 was tough, but it didn't crush our spirits! We delivered stellar products that garnered a wide array of industry recognition.

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Cracking the Code on IoT Wi-Fi Power Consumption

Product designers, engineers and IoT markets needed a fundamental breakthrough in energy efficiency for Wi-Fi IoT devices to realize their full potential. InnoPhase did it! We shattered the low power barrier making the impossible, possible. Our system on a chip (SoC), modules and full solutions enable an entirely new category of products, making your product’s vision a reality.

Our solutions make battery-powered IoT products smarter, smaller, last longer, and allow for greater product flexibility and functionality. Who needs the hassle of a gateway device or access to an electrical outlet! Create the product your customer really wants… add more sensors, intelligence, smaller design, we’ve got you covered.

A Game Changer for IoT

Talaria TWO™ Enables Revolutionary Wi-Fi Products & Solutions

Talaria TWO forms the foundation of our unique solutions with dynamic programmability and functionality. Optimized for power and performance, it accelerates your product's time to market.

Check out our library of hardware, software, reference designs, and application development kits (ADKs) for smart home, smart health, smart sensors, asset tracking, cloud connectivity, BLE provisioning, FOTA and more.

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Easy to use Talaria TWO Modules and SoC incorporate our innovative low-power RF architecture to address a wide variety of market applications, from home automation and large-scale industrial to critical healthcare.

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The industry's first and only digital polar radio architecture, called PolaRFusion™, takes advantage of CMOS process technology advances for programmable,  ultra-low power RF that puts radios back onto Moore’s Law.

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Take advantage of our global solutions partners to achieve more!

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Technology in Action
Health Monitoring

Innovative, cloud-connected reference designs for in-home and hospital health monitoring of vital signs, respiration, fall detection and motion

Technology in Action
Smart Lock

Customers experience longer-lasting smart locks with our ultra-low power direct-to-cloud Wi-Fi solution

Technology in Action
Smart Home

Always connected devices such as appliances, thermostats, lights, locks and other devices provide safety, comfort and peace of mind

Technology in Action
Smart Video

Place an untethered, battery-based video camera wherever you want – our low-power solution will exceed your expectations

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  • Enhanced Solutions Based on Specialized Product Requirements
  • Optimized Wireless Performance on Talaria TWO’s Digital Radio
  • Includes Form-Factor Hardware, Software and Reference Design Files for Accelerated Implementations
  • Variety of Market Offerings: Smart Homes, Smart Commercial / Industrial, Smart Health
  • Ultra-Low Power 802.11 b/g/n
  • BLE5.0 plus Advanced Features (LR, 2M PHY, Extended Advertising)
  • Hosted or Hostless Software Architecture
  • Variety of Antenna Options
  • Arduino Compatible EVBs for Evaluation and Development
  • Industry and Agency Certifications
  • Unique, advanced digital polar radio transceiver architecture with unparalleled adaptability to deliver the most optimized solutions
  • Programmable wireless protocols for local area device communication and cloud connectivity
  • Ultra-Low Power 802.11 b/g/n
  • BLE5.0 plus Advanced Features (LR, 2M PHY, Extended Advertising)
  • Embedded 80MHz Cortex-M3 microcontroller for platform control and optional application processing
  • Small 42-pin QFN Package


We have a vested interest in your product success and back it up with technical support throughout your development.

Watch How Ultra Low Power Wi-Fi Extends Battery Lifetime For Connected IoT Devices

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