Introducing InnoPhase

New Company, Innovative Technology

InnoPhase is a fabless semiconductor company specializing in extreme low power wireless solutions. The company has developed the industry’s first digital PolaRFusion radio architecture to shatter the low power barrier of wireless communications. Combining this groundbreaking RF signal processing technology with embedded processing will enable our company to revolutionize the IoT edge-computing industry.

Moving Power-Hungry Analog Circuits into Efficient Digital Logic

Announcing the PolaRFusionTM Digital Radio Architecture for Extreme Low Power

Core technology developed by InnoPhase for processing industry standard wireless protocols that combines three critical elements:

  • Digital Polar Radio Transceiver
  • Unique Digital Amplifier Technology
  • Software Protocol Programmability

By using a digital circuits, the PolaRFusion architecture takes advantage of CMOS process technology advances and puts radios back onto Moore’s Law.

PolaRFusion icon


Wi-Fi Power Consumption Reduced by 2x to 8x

Change Batteries in Years not Weeks

Enables a Whole New Class of Unplugged IoT Applications



Wireless Protocols via Software Personalities

Multiple Protocols Based on Application Demand

Single Platform Across Multiple IoT Applications



Utilizes Standard Digital CMOS Process Technology

Complete Integrated Module-Level Solution on a Single Chip

Even Further Power Reductions with CMOS Process Advances


Enables a Direct-to-Cloud Connection at Extreme Low Power Levels

“Innovative, low-power wireless connectivity designs, such as those from InnoPhase, are increasingly sought for new and better product designs, opening the door to a wider range of battery-powered IoT products – an increasingly larger portion of the approximately 4 billion Wi-Fi-enabled products that now ship each year.”

– Phil Solis, Research Director at IDC

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