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InnoPhase is a sponsor of the Embedded IoT World Conference and Virtual Expo, Wednesday, April 28 and Thursday, April 29th, 2021. Check out our new WiFi and BLE wireless platform, offering the industry’s lowest power WiFi solution. Connect online to set up a virtual demo and live video chat.

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Embedded Forum is happening concurrently and InnoPhase's Rob McCormick presented a recorded video presentation on the Low Power Design panel entitled, Reducing Wireless Connectivity Current Consumption to Increase IoT End-Point Intel.

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Wireless data transfer has historically been a major power consuming portion of connected designs. By diligently focusing on reducing the current consumption for Wi-Fi radio, InnoPhase has seen an interesting transition in customer applications. Customers are now able to create new battery-based, cloud-connected applications for a variety of markets including home automation, asset tracking and industrial machine maintenance that were not possible with previous technology. In existing Wi-Fi connected applications, customers are able to increase their MCU application processing or add more sensors to make these products "smarter" while maintaining their original battery capacity. These more intelligent devices can provide more data points for AI processing, or more convenience for homes and businesses through anticipatory technology.

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